Is the GCC a not for profit?

Yes. The Global Center for Cybersecurity is a 501c(3) registered entity in the state of Missouri (USA). All funding is generated by membership, donation, grant programs and sponsorship. For more information please get in touch.

Are member dues negotiable?

Yes. Our mission depends first and foremost on participation and we believe each member provides value in different ways. We'd love to discuss other ways to mutually address needs and contribution, so please feel free to reach out.

Is there a limit to seats within a membership?

Yes. Typically each membership is limited to 30 seats within an organization. If you require a special arrangement please do inquire with your representative upon member enrollment.

What opportunities are there to partner with the GCC?

Beyond membership, we're always seeking new partnerships in the form of in-kind services, sponsorship and promotion, additional center resources and more. We'd be happy to discuss.

Is the GCC affiliated with U.S. or foreign governments?

Yes, by way of membership and partners. We work closely with the National Security Innovation Network and partners, as well as Next NGA West (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency). For more information please contact us.

Are membership payment terms flexible?

Yes. While we like to standardize all payment terms as much as possible, exceptions can be made if necessary. If you require a special arrangement please do inquire with your representative upon member enrollment.

Where or what is Cortex?

The Cortex Innovation Community is the GCC's founding benefactor located in St. Louis, MO. USA. It is a technology district and community dedicated to advancement through collaboration. More information can be found here.  

How are board officers selected?

Founder memberships grant member organizations a representative seat on our leadership board. Each board member has a voice in the steerage of the center, including the nomination and election of board officers at regular terms.

How is the GCC funded?

The Global Cybersecurity Center at Cortex is funded by member gifts in the form of financial contribution and services in kind, in the form of dues, partner services and sponsorship. The center is also funded by various grants.

Are there employment opportunities at the GCC?

Yes. We're seeking full or part-time roles at various levels in the organization, for more information reach out here or visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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