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The Global Center for Cybersecurity is a not-for-profit membership collective using a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging lens to foster workforce development, collaboration, and innovation in the Cybersecurity industry.

We're Taking Action to Enrich the Cybersecurity Community – Here's Why

Cyber threats are rising exponentially
Cybercrime has increased 600% since the start of Covid, and is expected to continue rising.
The industry is not meeting job demand
An estimated 3.5 million Cyber jobs are currently open globally, and the skills gap is widening.
Source: Cybersecurity Ventures
Solutions are lacking diverse perspectives
Cybersecurity is people security. Deep disparities exist in the industry across gender and race.
Check out these statistics.

The GCC aims to reverse the rise in global cybercrime by cultivating a diverse and connected workforce that can effectively fight back. And we must do this collectively across the industry if we want to succeed. 

What we do

By joining together stakeholders and communities that have historically been siloed across the cybersecurity industry or excluded altogether, we believe we can curb the exponential rise in cybercrime. That's why we focus our efforts on Workforce Development, Collaboration, and Innovation.
Student & Talent Recruitment is top priority.
Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging lens calls for creative, authentic, and intentional efforts to build a more accessible cybersecurity industry. From career fairs to topical discussions, we create opportunities for employers and employees to connect.
Check out these smiling faces at our Cybersecurity Minicon 2022! Our career fair was a smash success (or so our members tell us!)
We are unlocking access.
We create opportunities for leaders to connect and problem solve together. Through expert panels, publications, roundtables, executive training opportunities, we are creating intentional relationships and communities of cyber leaders.

Community members are also connecting more directly with each other, with organizations, with leaders, to create access in a cyber industry that has historically been closed off.
We sit in the heart of St. Louis Innovation.
The GCC is a global center rooted in local communities. We were founded at and currently reside in the Cortex Innovation Community, a leading innovation hub in the Midwest. It is only natural that we would work with and support other organizations looking to shake things up and do things a bit differently.

"No enterprise can be an island when we share a greater global burden, and it's significantly more costly when we try. The GCC was conceived to more than fill that void and establish a proactive vision for the industry to get ahead of our future threats."

Josh Jaffe
VP Customer Operations, Business Unit Security Officer Security & Resiliency Organization

"We've struggled to energize new talent into the industry for a long time, particularly against our own standards of diversity and quality. The Global Center for Cybersecurity was where we realized the value of pooled efforts and have been able to forge a new trajectory."

Sidney Plaza
Partner Practice Manager

"What I love about The GCC is that even a smaller organization like mine with critical cybersecurity needs, or a not-for-profit or an academic institution, gets equal access to the full might of the global organization and equal clout in determining its priorities."

Lamont Orange
Chief Information Security Officer

for everyone

We understand the financial realities of cybersecurity. The GCC was born from them, which is why we've created numerous ways to access our services and give everyone a chance for membership right-sized to their needs.

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