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Our Vision is a World More Equal and Secure

We're dedicated to cybersecurity that treats the globe as enterprise enriching community expertise through inclusion, collaboration, workforce development and innovation.

We're Taking Action to Enrich the Security Community – Here's Why

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Cyber threats are rising exponentially
Cybercrime increased 600% in 2020 and is expected to continue to increase through rapid 5G transformation.
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The industry is not meeting job demand
There are an estimated 3.5 million unfilled infosec positions globally, as industry growth outpaces all others by 27%.
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Solutions are lacking diverse perspectives
Cybersecurity is people security. At 74% caucasian and 86% male, the industry is globally unbalanced.

The GCC exists to reverse a trend in cybercrime while correcting inequities in talent that cannot be accomplished by any one group, organization, or country. It must be done globally by the cybersecurity industry itself to be sustainable.

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Rooted in a central idea, that now serves a decentralized world.

The GCC is a global center rooted in local communities.  It is proudly made possible by the generosity and vision of the Cortex Innovation Community, a not-for-profit entity residing in a bustling technology district in Saint Louis, Missouri. It was here that our founding community of security champions who represent corporations, organizations and schools large and small, established a Global Center for Cybersecurity that now virtually serves regions and members nationally and internationally with an array of opportunities and services.

What we do
The GCC's many services and benefits are the result of a commitment by all members to the following core tenets:
Think globally, act locally
Innovate through diversity
Focus on CISO needs
Share sector specialties to all
Aim higher than info-sharing
Persistently cultivate talent
Serve the flux of career paths
Answer the call for governance
Commit to member equity
Cyber Threat Sharing
The GCC Member Roundtable event (held bi-annually) along with our Cybershare program by Circadence creates unequaled exposure to challenges and strategies across the globe.
Flexible SCIF and Data Access
Members can gain access to accredited SCIF facilities onsite at Cortex to take in classified briefings and work through our Data Lab to analyze threat indicators, exploits or discovery of location-based anomalies.
Cyber Range
Advance beginner and intermediate skills to expert level in our world-class cyber range simulator offered in partnership with Circadence. Students handle Linux, Splunk and PowerShell fundamentals to achieve analysis forensics and more.
Job Training and Pipelining
Per Scholas provides members access to an international talent-base-in-training that is 4.3x more likely to be of color and 1.2x more likely to be women. We work with members to identify specific hiring skill gaps and train candidates to fill them.
Exec. Leadership Training
We offer a 6-month virtual and on-campus Executive Cybersecurity Leadership Certificate Program and a 2-day Refresh Seminar for Execs in partnership with Washington University in St. Louis. Designed for CISOs, CSOs, and VPs of Security to lead tomorrow's enterprises.
Innovation Incubation
Our startup accelerator is here to breathe new life into the industry through STARTS, BOOSTS and HACKS events scaled by funding and government initiatives. In addition, the Nat'l Security Innovation Network has partnered with GCC to help bring new and revitalized IP to market.
Students working with GCC partners can
enroll in job-rotation and apprenticeship programs to further increase their educational knowledge in a real-world setting that also creates opportunities for future employment.

"No enterprise can be an island when we share a greater global burden, and it's significantly more costly when we try. The GCC was conceived to more than fill that void and establish a proactive vision for the industry to get ahead of our future threats."

Josh Jaffe
VP Customer Operations, Business Unit Security Officer Security & Resiliency Organization

"We've struggled to energize new talent into the industry for a long time, particularly against our own standards of diversity and quality. The Global Center for Cybersecurity was where we realized the value of pooled efforts and have been able to forge a new trajectory."

Sidney Plaza
Partner Practice Manager

"What I love about The GCC is that even a smaller organization like mine with critical cybersecurity needs, or a not-for-profit or an academic institution, gets equal access to the full might of the global organization and equal clout in determining its priorities."

Lamont Orange
Chief Information Security Officer

In it to defend it

From big corporations to solo-founder startups, security is a shared ecosystem. So is our membership. We welcome companies, organizations and education institutions of all scales, sectors and levels of security maturity.
Image of the centers forming members by logos, DISA, Bayer, GHECC, Microsoft, fiserv, Boeing, Daimler, NGA, Barclays, Bridgecrew & General Dynamics
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for everyone

We understand the financial realities of cybersecurity. The GCC was born from them, which is why we've created numerous ways to access our services and give everyone a chance for membership right-sized to their needs.

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