We’re losing because we’re leaving talent on the bench. Let’s change that!

Josh Jaffe
December 22, 2023

The GlobalCenter for Cybersecurity launched on May 6th with its first ever NetMeasure conference, featuring a luminary cast of speakers sharing perspectives on talent development and diversity in Cyber. The conference included:

The launch of the GCC at the inauguralNet Measures event marks the first of its kind – a deliberately multi-industry, non-profit organization composed of and by security leaders focused on achieving meaningful, measurable gains in cybersecurity BY focusing on diversity.  Our vision is – A World that is Both More Equal AND More Secure. We see Cyber and Diversity not as independent important issues.  We see them as linked.  The “black hat” cyber world is democratized and the barriers to entry are low.  The “white hat” cyber world is not.  The barriers to entry are high, they usually require a long resume of ever-changing certifications, university degrees, and extensive experience.  This also –unintentionally – precludes whole populations and communities from pursuing careers in cybersecurity.  The mission of the GCC is to change that.

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